Sofitron is an employee owned operation.

We believe that we can reach new heights of excellence by having partners run our operation. Giving ownership of a business process or opportunity in the hands of our partners is our belief.At Sofitron, partners are recognized based on their ability to optimize the productivity of a business process or excel in their performance on a particular opportunity. Performance based evaluation and appraisal, is the only way for any individual to advance in our setting.

We promote every partner to express their ideas through multiple internal channels and mechanisms we have created. Every individual in the organization is directly connected to the Partner – President, ensuring that their ideas are heard by the right individuals.

We encourage you to share your profile with our team, this will give our team an opportunity to review your credentials, and identify areas where we can create synergies.

We are committed to serve our partners and consultants. Our objective is to assist every individual in our network to realize their full potential and fulfill their dreams.

Sofitron, Inc. is an US Equal Opportunity Employer committed to workplace diversity.

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